Are you interested in the current situation and future prospects for Aromatherapy education worldwide?
Want to know more about the challenges and opportunities facing the profession? 

Join us for the third live roundtable moderated discussion with educators located in 8 different countries! 
Moderated by Dr Timothy Miller, the previous meetings took place at botanica2020 and the Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy Seminar in 2021.
Each meeting welcomes different educators to share their perspectives.

All delegates of botanica2022 are invited to join this third session which takes place at the close of the second day of conference (May 21st) at 6.16pm GMT+1. 

Our panelists:

Wendy Belcour of the Ecole Internationale de Santé Bien-Être (France)
Caren Benstead of the Well School (UK)
Martina Steiner representing VAGA (Austria)
Christine Courtney of Obus School of Healing Therapies  (Ireland)
Jade Shutes of the School for Aromatic Studies (USA)
Petra Berankova representing the Association of Czech Aromatherapists (Czech Republic)
Adeline Lim of Nila Institute of Aromatherapy (Singapore)
Jirbie Go of the Alliance of Philippine Aromatherapists (Philippines)
Marian Reven, research chair of the AIA, founder of ARQAT (USA)

Click here to read our panelists' biographies!

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