SUNDAY 22nd May: 
7 Deep Dive Workshops 

Available to BLOOM and BOUQUET delegates 


Jill MULVANEY (NEW ZEALAND) ‘Spirituous Waters’ - an ancient technique for our modern times

‘Spirituous waters’ is not a term many people are familiar with today, but has a long history in distilling. What are spirituous waters? How were they used historically and where do we find them in our lives today? We take a look at how they have evolved and changed. 

This live distillation class is about taking away the myths and taboo around the ubiquitous ethanol molecule. What it is and where it comes from. How we can return to the art of making it sustainably and safely for our communities, in your practice and for family use. It’s about understanding its properties and potential applications so you will know what type of ethanol is fit for your purpose.

In this workshop we will run through:


Ann CARTER & Peter MACKERETH (UK): Easing Needle Anxiety and Phobia: adding aromatherapy to your therapeutic toolbox

For approximately 10% of the population, needle anxiety and its accompanying fear can create enormous stress and can even deter attendance for a vaccination.  A smaller group, (approximately 2% of the population) can experience needle phobia where even the thought of vaccination can trigger acute distress.

The COVID-19 vaccination centre where Peter works vaccinates approximately 3,000 people a day; it is almost certain that a number of people coming through the doors will have some anxiety around needles and the vaccination process. With the arrival of mass vaccinations, needle phobia has come into sharp focus. Rapid calming or ‘CALM’ techniques as we call them, can be used to prepare an individual in advance, or even interrupt a panic response.

Peter and Ann will present some therapeutic tools based on combining ‘CALM’ techniques using aroma pots or aromasticks. The techniques can be offered directly to patients at the time of vaccination and/or taught to carers and staff. Included in the presentation will be a discussion of potential essential oil blends and a demonstration of an anchoring/installation method to maximize their therapeutic use.


Colleen QUINN (N. IRELAND): CBD and your Skin

CBD is arguably the one of the most antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant ingredients we have at our fingertips. But how does it work?
How does our skin respond to CBD and how do you blend it into your skincare with other ingredients?
Also, what essential oils and botanicals does CBD work most effectively alongside?
We explore all of these questions and much more in this CBD and your Skin Masterclass!
For example you will :


Dylan WARREN-DAVIS (UK): Hand reading for Herbalists and Aromatherapists

The lines on the palm are flows of Vital Force intricately connected to the patient's consciousness. To medieval physicians, interpreting their formations was an essential part of their diagnostic skill.

This workshop will explain and explore some of the many features and formations found in palms and demonstrate how this is clinically relevant today, to gain a truly holistic perspective of a patient.


Lisa GANORA (USA): Aromatics and Bitters: A Blissful Union

We reawaken to the importance of bitters: not only for digestion but also for deep support of the parasympathetic nervous system.

A well-crafted bitters formula, featuring herbal constituents in harmonious balance with diffusive aromatics, is fundamental for restoring health with Vitalist therapeutics.


Timothy MILLER (USA) Deep Dive on Rheumatoid Arthritis: A holistic and integrative approach

Join Dr. Tim as we take a deep dive into the condition of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In this workshop, we will take a holistic and integrative approach understanding the condition's pathology, etiology, naturopathic perspective, as well as both conventional and holistic treatment options.

Modalities such as aromatherapy, nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and gemmotherapy will be discussed for a truly integrative approach.
Beyond gaining a deeper understanding of rheumatoid arthritis, this workshop is designed to inspire holistic thinking that can be applied to any clinical case.


Dora GOLDSMITH (GERMANY): Recreating Kyphi

kAp.t in Egyptian or kyphi in Greek is a solid ancient Egyptian perfume. It is one of the first documented perfume recipes in the world, and one of the few surviving perfume recipes from ancient Egypt. Kyphi is unique in ancient Egyptian perfumery because it is the only perfume that is documented both in the temples and in everyday life, thus allowing for a comparison of its sacred and mundane use. In the temples, the kyphi perfume mixture was censed daily in the worship of the gods to clean and perfume the air. As the temple was regarded as a pure and immaculate divine cosmos, kyphi played an essential role in reflecting the perfect olfactory world of the gods. The exudation of kyphi in private homes served to purify and scent the air, clean and perfume clothing, and it was even used as a chewing gum. As an olfactory adornment, kyphi served to enhance one’s appearance and to make them more attractive.

We will start the workshop by discussing all ancient Egyptian sources mentioning kyphi. We will investigate how the use and cultural significance of kyphi changed throughout Egyptian history from the Old Kingdom until the Ptolemaic period. Then we will look at all the ingredients of the recipe in detail and discuss their botanical identifications. After we have familiarized ourselves with each ingredient, we will read the recipe to analyze each step of the perfume-making process. After we have understood all the steps of the recipe, Dora will teach you ways of recreating this ancient perfume by yourself.

*Please note that this workshop session with Dora Goldsmith will not be recorded. All other workshop sessions are recorded and will be available afterwards for BLOOM and BOUQUET botanica attendees.


If you wish, you can pre-order Dora’s Kyphi Kit that she designed for the workshop to be able follow it with scents. It will also be possible to order the kit after the workshop.
Please note that obtaining this kit is not a necessary requirement for participation, but it is recommended.
In Dora’s experience, “learning by doing” or in other words, the making part is very educational. You go through the same process as the ancient Egyptians and will be able to understand the ancient recipe better. The Kyphi Kit contains all the ingredients to make kyphi based on the most up-to-date botanical identifications in Egyptology, a translation of the recipe and instructions. The kit comes with Dora’s reconstruction of kyphi to guide your work.
A unique feature of the kit is that the ingredients are sourced from authentic regions, the same regions the Egyptians sourced their kyphi ingredients from in antiquity.
Price: 150€ + shipping*
If you want to order your Kyphi kit, please contact Dora directly via e-mail: 
*Shipping: Dora can ship worldwide from Germany. Please see shipping costs below.
US, Canada: 40€
EU: 20€
UK, Switzerland: 30€
Russia: 35€
South America: 50€
Middle East: 40-50€
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